Bathroom Inspiration

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What’s a bathroom makeover without some inspiration?  I have become completely addicted to Pinterest, which is where I’m getting a lot of my inspiration for all sorts of projects and makeovers.  So naturally, I headed over to Pinterest this week to get some ideas for my bathroom.  I won’t be able to carry out a lot of these ideas but they are still great motivators all the same.  Check out some of the bathrooms I fell in love below:

Love almost everything about this bathroom from Desire to Inspire… especially the mirrors and light fixture.  Thinking about doing something similar to the under-counter curtains for my own bath!

How cool is this bathroom?!?  Such a great way to carry out a vintage/rustic theme in your house.  Props goes to this handmade home in Santa Monica… check out the rest of their home here.

Such a great bathroom! Absolutely love that key!!! via

Another great look at curtains under cabinet effect.  Love it!  Sorry, wasn’t able to find the source for this picture!

Love the bunting!!!

I was having a hard time finding bathrooms with my expected color scheme.  This is basically the colors I would like to use + a warm brown and replace pink with a fitting orange.  I love design seeds— so great for color inspiration.

Let’s take a look at a couple shelving options I am considering:

Love this and seems simple enough!  via

What a creative and unique idea! Once again.. love it.  via

Over-the-door shelving is both pretty and space saving!

This shelving is exactly my style.   I wonder if dad could help me get this started?  via

Thank you BH&G for this beautiful bathroom storage / organization.

Of course I’ll be using art to pull it all together… looking for something simple and probably something I could do myself.  I like the look of these:

Probably wouldn’t use the coral… but a simple print would be cool… via

What a great and simple print.  Feel like it would be pretty easy to pull off too.  Check out this and other art at this etsy shop

I couldn’t like this painting any more… its absolutely perfect.  Thank you!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now!! Can’t wait to put some of these ideas into works!!



Old Bathroom, New Solutions!

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So as I’ve said before in the tour of my apartment… my apartment building is pretty old and was built probably in the 1950s.  It definitely has its quirks as any old apartment would.  One of those quirks [in my opinion] is the bathroom.  While fully functional– there are definite ups and downs to this space.

Lets just take a look at some of the obstacles I am hoping to overcome in the next few weeks:

So here it is in all its glory.  The space is kind of hard to take pictures of because it is long but not very wide.  Literally the first thing I notice when I look at this picture is how high the toilet paper holder is.  You would think that would be an easy task to accomplish… moving the TP.  Not so easy when the thing has been there for who knows how long.  Unscrewing the TP holder would mean taking about half an inch of paint and molding with it.  Who knows what I’ll do– probably just settle for reaching for the TP.

Another thing I hate about this bathroom is the lack of cabinets underneath the counter… how attractive is that?!?!    You can also see how the bathroom has been slightly renovated previously.  I’m pretty sure that it used to be pedestal sink because of the towel bar you see on the left.  Why else would it be there?! It is awkwardly close to the counter and really bothers me!!

Oh yea… this is another thing I hate about the bathroom… this awkward shelf / mirror.  It’s terrible for two reasons: 1) when you look in the mirror your body is distorted because the 2 levels of mirrors and 2) when you sit on the toilet you have to look at yourself… awwwkwwaaard.

Another thing that shows how old this apartment is… the wrap around shower.  Good luck trying to find a shower curtain to fit this bad boy.  Still not sure how I’m going to fix this one.

Another unattractive thing about this apartment is the base-board heating.  Oh well.

So lets go over the things I hope to accomplish–


  1. Curtains for the window– need some color!
  2. Figure out how to cover the underneath of the counters– probably curtains!
  3. Paint the mirrored shelf.
  4. Add new hardware to the shelf
  5. Shelf for towels / accessories
  6. Paint ?
  7. Bathmats / towels / etc
  8. Solution to shower curtain extension


Since I already have many of the items needed to re-do the bathroom… I would like to keep the budget under $75.  

I hope you enjoy reading about how I transform this bathroom (as much as I am able to).  Also if you have any ideas on ways  to accomplish some of my goals please let me know in the comment section– or email me at



PS. Be sure to check out the rest of my bathroom makeover over at 




In Living [Room] Color

July 25, 2011 § 16 Comments

Hey y’all.

I wanted to share with you guys some of my inspiration for color in my living room!  I use a lot of color… basically every one you can think of.  I believe color can make or break a room.  In my living room I wanted to make sure it was not matchy matchy, I wanted it to be… lets call it “elegantly thrown together”.  Which is actually pretty easy to do since I’m a college student and I use what I’ve got and buy things that are on sale!  I have achieved the look I wanted with  new items, newly renovated items, and also a lot of things that I’ve had for years.  I think it is a lot of fun to bring it all together to create a unique and personal vibe.

Take a look at it below:

A lot of my inspiration came from the following three pieces: The first bit of color[inspi]ration is this trunk I bought around 3 years ago at HomeGoods [of course] and I still luuuuurve it so much.  It pretty much captures all the colors used in my living room to a tee!

Secondly, I really loved my table cloth that I got from Target about a year ago.  I loved the combination of colors and really wanted to try to capture that combo with the rest of my living area.

And finally, my last bit of inspiration came from this vintage paper I bought when I was in Florence, Italy.  Once again I loved color’s role in making this piece stand out.  When I saw it, I knew I had to have it… not even intending to frame it.

It wasn’t until I saw all three  pieces together that I knew I had something really going with my color scheme [if you can call basically all the colors a scheme].  I  house-shopped, combining a lot of knick knacks I already owned and picked up a few things at Marshalls or HomeGoods. Which amounted to basically everything on the walls, windowsills, and side tables.

Tying the rest of it together was pretty easy!  It simply required taking the old boring brown from the furniture and jazzing it up.  I tackled the couches first by adding some color with bright and fun pillows and making a new slipcover for an old ottoman.  You may remember those recent posts which you can find here and here.   Just those pillows alone brought a lot of pizzazz to my living room without being too overbearing.  

The next step was painting some hand-me-down furniture from my parents’ house.  Isn’t that old [ginormous] atlas fun in the coffee table?  Plus, it brings out the colors of the room too!And a little bit of blue and new hardware for this side table!
The final step was adding a rug which I found at Lowes for $25!  It is a lighter shade of the blue that I used to paint the table above!
And here is the finished product:
And all together again:
I’m certain that I will continue adding pieces here and there… maybe a few more pillows, etc etc. BUT I am so pleased with how everything has come together.  It really speaks to my personality and the things I really enjoy in life!
Let me know what y’all think! And tell me what you use as color[inspi]ration for your home!!
I hope your Monday was colorful 🙂


PS. Check out to keep following my adventures in design 🙂 


When window units aren’t enough…

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As mentioned before in Le Tourre of my esteemed dwellings… my apartment is without Central Air.  Up until this point my window units have treated me fantastically.  They have been so kind to me, cooling my home faithfully for the past two months.  I have even been keeping the setting on “low” because I never needed more.  And while my window units have not failed me [completely] they are falling short a bit.  Little did I know how things could change so quickly… fall apart so suddenly… as did the comfortable, cool air of my apartment.

Both Thursday and Friday set record high temperatures and Saturday was even hotter.  Actual temperatures in the low 100s with heat index around 110 degrees– I think we can all agree that its been miserable.  And it’s basically nationwide… that’s right people that’s at 7 PM… shouldn’t it be a little cooler by then?

Now… despite all of my window units hard work… its just not cutting it!  With both units on full blast my apartment is still stifling hot.  I had to make an executive decision about what to do next… buy fans and cool my apartment or buy cute home decor?

Well… fans it was.  Who knew how expensive fans were… $40 for two fans [what?!?!]… $40 that could have been spent on so many beautiful things…

Like one of these…

Or plants to fill my strawberry planter…

And I seriously had my eyes on this fabric for new pillows…

But alas… I could not buy any of those lovely things… I had to stay within my budget for the week… so fans it was.  And while I am bummed about things I’m not able to do this week because I don’t have fundage… the fans seem to be making my apartment a bit cooler.   There is at least some more air circulation.  Kinda?  I’m just praying that it cools down a little bit… although the forecast doesn’t show much hope for that possibility 😦

Stay cool and hydrated out there folks!


le tourre

July 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

I figured that I should probably let you guys in on where I live.  I am still a college student with a limited income… so I basically do what I can.  There are things that I already love about my new home.  Yet there are some things that I am still very unsatisfied with.  I view decorating as a process.  With my bank account it has to be.  Since I moved in May, I’ve taken a portion out of each check to dedicate to home improvements.  That portion may not cover everything I might need in order to get things done, but I’m okay with that.  Oh the things I could do with unlimited resources.
Lets consider these pictures not BEFORE or AFTER… maybe IN PROCESS for now. While there are some things in these pictures that will stay the same… I want you to know that I have a vision for this apartment.  Basically more stuff on the walls.. more knick knacks… better organization… RUGS… etc etc.  I’m excited that I can share the process on here and I hope you will enjoy watching the transformation.

So this is my building… I live up there at the top.  I’m lucky for a couple of reasons… A) I loooove this apartment complex.  It’s quiet.  It has character.  It is reasonably priced.  The grass is always cut… never any trash… etc etc.  B) I got a corner apartment meaning… every side of my apartment has windows… it’s absolutely lovely.  C) I am really close to everything… downtown… campus… and only a 30 minute drive to my parents’ house.

A lot of people here plant their own gardens… something I’m hoping I might be able to do a little bit of next Spring.

Here is the Great Hall.  These apartments were built in the 1950s which is very obvious by the style of the interior.  Every doorway has an actual door– some of them won’t even close [because the fridge is in the way].  The bareness of my entry way literally drives me insane, but I do like how you don’t walk straight into the living area, its nice to have it broken up a bit!  [very different from the student-style apartments I have been living in the past 3 years]

This is basically what my apartment looks like on a daily basis…  I took this after just walking in the door which means no styling no set up, this is just it.  There are a lot of things in my living room that I love… so many things I have had for a long time.  Like the trunk I am using as a side table.  You’re also looking at a lot of hand-me-downs like the other side table and coffee table.  I’ve tried to make them my own– but I’ll save that for a later post.  Another thing I love about this apartment– the hard wood floors! Gives it so much more pizzazz than nasty carpet that has been used by who knows who!  Oh yea, you may notice that really aesthetic A/C window unit there… one little thing… this apartment doesn’t have A/C!  But my window units work great– they just aren’t the most attractive things in the world!  There’s a lot more I would like to add to this space… just have to be patient!

A quick look into my kitchen— which is tiny!  The kitchen might be my least favorite spot in my apartment.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to make this room “cute” or presentable.   You may be wondering how that magnet is working on those cabinets– well they’re made of metal.  One negative thing about renting a space is that there is little restoration that can be done.  If I could knock out all the cabinets in this kitchen I would in a heartbeat.  Plus add new fixtures… etc.  But that isn’t easy to do when you don’t own it, nor do I know how long I will be staying here.   I’ve already got some ideas– thanks to Pinterest— on how to make it look a lot better without knocking down anything!

Here is my craft area and where I am sitting currently.  Really big organizational plans for this little nook– very excited!  This is actually just an extension of the living room– its a pretty large space!

And here is my bedroom.  Its huge and wonderful with two closets and plenty of space.  Besides the kitchen I am least happy with this room.  I feel like it is very unfinished.  I don’t know if I feel that way because I’ve had some of the decorations for close to 4 years now or what.  Time will only tell where this room will go in the next few months.

Well that’s it folks.  I hope you enjoyed your little tour of my 1-bedroom.  And like I said this is just the beginning, so keep coming back to see how this place changes over time!


P.S. Wanna share your apartment or home?  Send me pictures and I’ll post them!

DIY Ottoman Slip Cover

July 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

Like I said in my last post, my mom has some skills on the sewing machine.  After covering my old, nasty, ugly, gray furniture with pretty chocolate-brown slipcovers, my ottoman no longer flowed well with my other furniture– something had to be done.

Mom and I were on the look out for a table-cloth or curtain with a fabric we liked, hoping to make some kind of make-shift slip cover.  After a month of searching I was growing impatient [what a surprise]  and thats when Mom told me about the 50% off sale at Hancocks.  Always down for a good bargain I checked it out the following day and absolutely fell in love with the fabrics I showed you yesterday on my new pillows!

I bought about  2.5 yards of the flowery fabric in order to make my ottoman slip cover.  Originally Mom and I had planned on making a modern box-shaped slipcover.  Maybe something like this:

Alas, that was impossible with the curved corners of my ottoman.  So we came up with a new plan following these basic guidelines:

  • We wanted the slip cover to be easily removed for washing– because well you just never know!
  • We wanted it to be as easy as possible.  While we did want a tailored looking piece, we didn’t want to incorporate too much [complicated] sewing.
  • We also decided later that it would be nice if I decided later on to use a different fabric for the slipcover I could re-use this fabric for another project.
So the plan turned out to basically be this–  2 pieces of fabric both hemmed all the way around.  One piece would cover the top of the ottoman.  The second piece would  wrap around the body of the ottoman.  We bought industrial strength velcro– one side sticky, one side sew-on.  We then sewed velcro all the way around the top of the second piece of fabric and stuck velcro on the upper part of the body that was hidden by the top.  Like So:
So once we wrapped the bottom piece all the way around the body of the ottoman it was time to focus on the top.  In order to make the slip cover easily removable we simply centered the piece of fabric over the ottoman.  Then we tucked in all the sides.  The corners were the most tricky part… but we were able to make a nice pleat and tuck that in as well:
After tucking in all the way around the top part of the ottoman [in order to ensure it doesn’t start coming out] we stuck straight pins about 10 inches apart all the way around, with several at each corner.
And it came out something like this:To give it a more finished look Mom and I have discussed making a very thick cord  [about 1-2 inch in diameter] out of matching fabric– maybe the striped one you see in the pillows– to wrap around the ottoman between the top and bottom parts.  This will also hide any imperfections you might see in the tucking process [although you can’t really see them at all].   I’ll give an update when it happens!
But as it is I really love this piece of furniture in my living room now!  I had it hidden underneath my crafting table so no one could see it!  Now its right out in the open adding the perfect amount of color!!


P.S. Have an ugly ottoman you need covering up but don’t like this piece or don’t have a sewing machine you can use?  I found this awesome & cute DIY slipcover [that requires no sewing!!] by Karen over at Strictly Simple Style!

DIY Pillows

July 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

I consider myself pretty lucky because both of my parents are pretty crafty people.  My mom and dad have taught me many different DIY tips along the way– from painting, to sewing, to just general craftiness.  I have already shown off some of my Dad’s skills in my recent post about the back porch swing.  Well I guess now its time to show off some of my Mom’s craftiness!

[Basically] each time I move my Mom makes me a new set of pillows.  We keep the same forms but just switch out the cases.  I love experimenting with different fabrics, designs, etc.  I think this go-around are my favorite pillows yet.  I found this fabric from Hancock’s for 50% off.  You can find it here & here.

Mom and I spent basically all day on July 4th making these guys and I am so pleased with the extra color they bring to my living room.  Here they are all lined up:

Here are the backs of themCheck out how the pocket-style pillow case makes it easy to remove in case I ever need to wash them!
This one is my favorite!

I am using them as a “platform” for the rest of my apartment.  Since I live in a relatively small space I think its important that it all ties together.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of my projects as I [try to] transform my place from drab to fab.

Speaking of which, check out my next DIY-er tomorrow taking an ugly piece of furniture and making it a focal point for my living room!


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