Maid of Honor
Project Rejuvenate is a lifestyle and design blog brought to you by Bethany, a North Carolina State University student and soon-to-be graduate!  It is updated daily featuring home decor, DIY projects, travel adventures, and inspirational global humanitarian projects.  And, who are we kidding, probably a lot of stuff in between! Project Rejuvenate hopes to bring a little pizzazz into your life by providing some inspiration to get off the couch and get your hands dirty!  

Rejuvenate Creativity
Rejuvenate Design
Rejuvenate Spontaneity

Rejuvenate Travel
Rejuvenate Generosity 

Bethany is a student of International Studies and Entrepreneurship at NC State.  She believes her studies reflect her drive in life– the colorful & exciting world of culture and the uniform & efficient world of business.  She spent the summer of 2010 traveling in Europe, and contrary to her parent’s hopes, the 6-week long trip only inspired her to incorporate travel into the rest of her life.  Bethany hopes to combine this love of other cultures to her inner desires to help those less fortunate.  She hopes one day to play a role in a revolutionary international development movement.  She considers herself to be very creative–spending many of her days dreaming up new DIY projects or looking for a new creative outlet.  She hopes to be able to share her adventures in design, creativity, travel, and “saving the world”– from failures to success stories– and what she’s learned along the way!


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