When window units aren’t enough…

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

As mentioned before in Le Tourre of my esteemed dwellings… my apartment is without Central Air.  Up until this point my window units have treated me fantastically.  They have been so kind to me, cooling my home faithfully for the past two months.  I have even been keeping the setting on “low” because I never needed more.  And while my window units have not failed me [completely] they are falling short a bit.  Little did I know how things could change so quickly… fall apart so suddenly… as did the comfortable, cool air of my apartment.

Both Thursday and Friday set record high temperatures and Saturday was even hotter.  Actual temperatures in the low 100s with heat index around 110 degrees– I think we can all agree that its been miserable.  And it’s basically nationwide… that’s right people that’s at 7 PM… shouldn’t it be a little cooler by then?

Now… despite all of my window units hard work… its just not cutting it!  With both units on full blast my apartment is still stifling hot.  I had to make an executive decision about what to do next… buy fans and cool my apartment or buy cute home decor?

Well… fans it was.  Who knew how expensive fans were… $40 for two fans [what?!?!]… $40 that could have been spent on so many beautiful things…

Like one of these…

Or plants to fill my strawberry planter…

And I seriously had my eyes on this fabric for new pillows…

But alas… I could not buy any of those lovely things… I had to stay within my budget for the week… so fans it was.  And while I am bummed about things I’m not able to do this week because I don’t have fundage… the fans seem to be making my apartment a bit cooler.   There is at least some more air circulation.  Kinda?  I’m just praying that it cools down a little bit… although the forecast doesn’t show much hope for that possibility 😦

Stay cool and hydrated out there folks!




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