DIY Ottoman Slip Cover

July 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

Like I said in my last post, my mom has some skills on the sewing machine.  After covering my old, nasty, ugly, gray furniture with pretty chocolate-brown slipcovers, my ottoman no longer flowed well with my other furniture– something had to be done.

Mom and I were on the look out for a table-cloth or curtain with a fabric we liked, hoping to make some kind of make-shift slip cover.  After a month of searching I was growing impatient [what a surprise]  and thats when Mom told me about the 50% off sale at Hancocks.  Always down for a good bargain I checked it out the following day and absolutely fell in love with the fabrics I showed you yesterday on my new pillows!

I bought about  2.5 yards of the flowery fabric in order to make my ottoman slip cover.  Originally Mom and I had planned on making a modern box-shaped slipcover.  Maybe something like this:

Alas, that was impossible with the curved corners of my ottoman.  So we came up with a new plan following these basic guidelines:

  • We wanted the slip cover to be easily removed for washing– because well you just never know!
  • We wanted it to be as easy as possible.  While we did want a tailored looking piece, we didn’t want to incorporate too much [complicated] sewing.
  • We also decided later that it would be nice if I decided later on to use a different fabric for the slipcover I could re-use this fabric for another project.
So the plan turned out to basically be this–  2 pieces of fabric both hemmed all the way around.  One piece would cover the top of the ottoman.  The second piece would  wrap around the body of the ottoman.  We bought industrial strength velcro– one side sticky, one side sew-on.  We then sewed velcro all the way around the top of the second piece of fabric and stuck velcro on the upper part of the body that was hidden by the top.  Like So:
So once we wrapped the bottom piece all the way around the body of the ottoman it was time to focus on the top.  In order to make the slip cover easily removable we simply centered the piece of fabric over the ottoman.  Then we tucked in all the sides.  The corners were the most tricky part… but we were able to make a nice pleat and tuck that in as well:
After tucking in all the way around the top part of the ottoman [in order to ensure it doesn’t start coming out] we stuck straight pins about 10 inches apart all the way around, with several at each corner.
And it came out something like this:To give it a more finished look Mom and I have discussed making a very thick cord  [about 1-2 inch in diameter] out of matching fabric– maybe the striped one you see in the pillows– to wrap around the ottoman between the top and bottom parts.  This will also hide any imperfections you might see in the tucking process [although you can’t really see them at all].   I’ll give an update when it happens!
But as it is I really love this piece of furniture in my living room now!  I had it hidden underneath my crafting table so no one could see it!  Now its right out in the open adding the perfect amount of color!!


P.S. Have an ugly ottoman you need covering up but don’t like this piece or don’t have a sewing machine you can use?  I found this awesome & cute DIY slipcover [that requires no sewing!!] by Karen over at Strictly Simple Style!


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