Dog Days of Summer

July 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

Greenville, North Carolina: Home of the East Carolina Pirates! Arrgghh!!

One of my recent facebook statuses said “I have the travel bug. bad.”  My sister responds– “Come to Greenville”.  I’m thinking to myself, yea, Greenville, Europe, Africa… they’re all basically the same… so hey.. why not!

But on the real, my sister and her [new] husband live in Greenville.  Her husband is a professor at ECU where he teaches students how to fix athletes when they get hurt… or something like that.  They have just recently bought a new home, which is sooo neat, um…cool, er… AWESOME!  They found an absolute steal of a home in a great neighborhood in an awesome part of town.  Its perfect for them with a lot of room for their yellow lab, Scout, to run around and play!  

Since their wedding in mid-June, they have finally started getting their ‘estate in order’… putting up curtains, decorating the mantel, etc, etc!  They have really big plans for their new home and are saving up the mula [$$$] in order to do a lot of projects!  I will try to keep you updated on how their house transforms as they grow together as Newlyweds!  Next big purchase on the list: A Weedeater [how exciting!!!] and a sectional!!  I can’t wait to see their cute little house grow… especially with a few additions… maybe even a baby in the next few years!?!?!  [if I cross it out maybe they won’t see it?]

So I travelled the hour and a half on Friday afternoon to see the newlyweds.  We had an awesome time spending time together… as I’m getting used to having a new older brother!  Plus, it was my Mom’s birthday weekend so my parents also came down for the day on Saturday and we had a huuuge, delicious meal to celebrate Mom’s big day.

I don’t know where Greenville ranks in comparison to some of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the world… it probably  settles somewhere in the top 10.  While it may not be the most exciting place, I’ll always love going to visit with my sister… and that certainly makes it worth the short little drive!

Check out more pics from the weekend below:

Oh yea, remember [yesterday] we were talking about how great porches are during the summer time?!

Have you visited family recently?  Or has anyone close to you recently bought a new home?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Tuesday!



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