Swing Low…

July 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

Yes, sadly this summer is already more than half way over.  For those of you who live in North Carolina, the summer heat has settled in and we’re all thankful we live in a time where air condition exists!  Despite the heat, humidity, sweat, and exhaustion of summer, it definitely has its perks.  It’s a time for trashy easy reading, days filled with marathons of your favorite TV show, the beach, and for those of us still in school– being completely free of academic stress!  So people get out that oscillating fan, set it at full blast, and waste the day away on your back porch…

Which might be a little bit more enjoyable if you have one of these bad boys!  You might recognize this swing/bed from many home-ish magazines, including Southern Living, BH&G, and Coastal Living…  Here’s an example from Pottery Barn:

My mom has been asking for a swing like this for years!!  Well for her birthday this year (which was yesterday, Happy Birthday Mom!) Dad finally made her a swing for the back porch.  However, being the creative guy that he is, not to mention a pretty handy guy in the workshop, Dad made the swing his very own by  giving it a little extra pizzazz.  The swing is made of rough sawn walnut that he got off a farm in Sampson County, NC over 15 years ago!  He’s been waiting to use it for the perfect project– & this swing was it!  Dad knew he wanted to incorporate a couple things into the swing from being a professional back porch sitter.  Mainly he wanted the swing to be comfortable for all occassions– sleeping, reading, swinging, for guests, etc, etc. Therefore, he didn’t want to make anything without a back and given the limited space on the back porch he knew that a twin sized mattress with a back on it would take up a LOT of space.  So he made the swing to fit these cushions that he found at Home Depot and I tell you what– it couldn’t be more comfortable!  Dad also wanted to make sure that it was comfortable when reading and so he crafted a hidden & handy latch that turns this bad boy into a chaise lounge.  Now ain’t that somethin? Needless to say I’ve already spent a considerable amount of time relaxin on this thing and I’ve mastered being able to swing without much effort on my part— making it absolutely perfect for napping!

Check out Dad’s finished product below!

The rest of their porch is pretty cute too…

Where do you go to relax?  What are your favorite parts about being outdoors?  Got any creative porch ideas?

Happy Swinging!!


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